We turbocharge PipeGen 3X for RevOps with RightLeads Activated Lead Data.

RightLeads creates ICP-aligned company & contact data infused with GTM intel and maximizes sales rep efficiency with human data assistants.

Human Intelligence | Data Unification | AI Engine

Pipeline generation experts for enterprises and startups alike since 2008

500+ Customers

4000+ Campaigns

15 million+ Leads

$2Bn+ PipeGen

RightLeads unlocks ROI in your top 3 RevOps investments

Sales Rep time wasted on non-selling tasks


  RightLeads deploys experienced human data assistants who deliver purpose-built leads, manage data drills, sequence, and prioritize leads, apply conversion insights and support a host of sales-rep tasks in real-time.

B2B Data Sources ineffective in revenue generation

Ascend2 Research

  RightLeads cuts through millions of data records and keeps you focused on the leads that convert to pipeline. We translate your ICP into accurate TAM sizing, unify subscription datasets into lead cohorts and apply data science to keep BDRs and AEs focused on high-converting leads.

Sub-optimal use of Sales &
Marketing Tech Stack


  RightLeads optimizes data flow across your tech investments to infuse critical GTM insights. With powerful API integration and Martech specialists, we stitch together lead data elements from your CRM, data subscriptions, intent triggers, inbound prospects, customer data, and many more.

Activated Lead Data transforms xDR efficiency – here’s what a monthly feed looks like

100% streaming intent feeds converted into campaign workflows in real-time
~400 net new intent-scored accounts
>700 “gold” contacts mined from named accounts
10-12 pre-configured sequences generated from the highest converting campaigns across the BDR pool
5 tactical lists from event/ field marketing: de-duped, cleansed, and loaded
GoToMarket intel appended for all leads
Complete alignment between ICP and CRM leads
4 custom-configured dashboards for actionable insights and management reporting

RightLeads is fully data compliant.
ISO Certified for Data Privacy & Information Security.

ISO 27001 for Infosec Privacy

ISO 27701 for Data Privacy

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