3 steps to give your Social Lead Generation Process a kick start

‘Social Lead Generation’, as Christopher Hosford explains in his post, ‘Social lead generation: A work in progress‘ , is the use of social media for lead generation purposes among digital marketers.

Here are a few steps to successfully implement Social Lead Generation Process:

1. Be an active participant:

Being a part of social media as a brand or company helps you know what your clients are talking about. It gives you a starter for your next marketing campaign and social media being considerably inexpensive, leaves you with opportunities to experiment with. Participating in social media conversations often makes you more approachable from the client’s perspective.

2. Share content:

Generating content, blogging, writing white papers, commenting on others questions, discussing common causes and issues helps portray a participatory presence where you are always available for conversing when the client needs you. This helps create brand awareness and a conversational funnel which helps you assess your prospective lead.

3. Connect with leads on Social Platforms:

Using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn helps you connect with prospective leads, apart from conversation building. Twitter’s Advanced Search helps you track like minded or local potential prospects. Twitter and Facebook can be used for email subscriptions, customer support and to republish your paid and unpaid content.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, can be used as a business-focused social network that can be usually used for generating qualified leads. This is because 57% of respondents in the B2B Online Survey state that LinkedIn is the best social platform for lead generation.

Take a look at these intriguing post by Social Media B2B, ‘28 Awesome B2B Social Media Statistics‘ for just what its name suggests.

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