3 Ways to ensure your Lead Generation efforts are not underutilized

You may put a lot of effort and energy into your Lead Gen campaign, but if you’re not doing it right, all efforts in vain. Even as conscious businesses here, we may have wasted lead generation measures creating a hole in our profitability. It is important that businesses be protected from the following harmful UU (UnderUtilizing) ways of Lead Generation.

Here are the 3 ways:

  1. Build it and they will come”- Social Media is all about mobilizing the correct group of people in a manner suitable to complement your online presence. Entice people, ensure results. It’s also important to have the reasonable tools to do so. Don’t put your prospects off by having a monotonous ‘Contact Form’. Use a range of new-age tools throughout your website to engage new visitors and to strengthen your online identity.
  2. “Leave leads in the lurch”– Are you missing the important step of Lead Nurturing? Strike a sale when your brand recall is high. Have a strong follow-up team to do this. Even a small courtesy call reinforces your brand recall. Still, it is one of the most ignored aspects of Lead Generation. Let’s face it, a lot of what come in as “leads” may be mere prospects or unqualified leads. You have to dig out the gold and it can’t be done without the men and machinery. A step by step guide for Lead Nurturing should be followed with high precision.
  3. “Whose job is it anyway?” Here’s the tricky part- Lead Generation is a specialized area based on faculties of marketing and sales. It is not uncommon to note that there is still no one single person responsible for sphere heading these activities in a company. The conventional goals of these departments engage the resources for more immediate activities. Thereby, leaving little resources and funds to carry out sincere lead generation activities. For mature organizations, it is crucial to engage an internal champion to execute and track key campaigns.

If every business ran the perfect lead generation mechanism, I guess it makes our jobs redundant! Hence, honestly speaking, lead generation does not require bags of money – the real investment is time; time to understand your target audience, their motivations and their needs.

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