4 Email Marketing areas you can’t afford to overlook

So many people who use email marketing make a mistake of believing that all types of email marketing are effective.  This can’t be further away from the real truth. Many business owners make mistakes in choosing incompatible marketing methods.  This can lead them to making mistakes such as not being well prepared for an increase in customers after successful email marketing, releasing promotional materials that can be deemed as spam, not replying to customer inquiries e.t.c


You can make email marketing mistakes that can lead to your email being translated into spam; this can lead your emails to be deleted automatically, filtered into the spam folder in the user’s email account and never read by the recipient.  To avoid this, it’s important that you structure your emails in such a way that any emails you send out contain useful content and not just promotions and advertising.

Not following up with emails

It’s important to make time for any inquiries or questions that you may have from customers.  Your customers need to know that there is someone behind the computer screen that cares about what they have in mind.  How do you expect to have sales, when you haven’t established a presence?

Not enough anticipation

It’s important that business people prepare themselves to accommodate any increase in demand for their products and services.  Any future customers you may have that will have to wait as you replenish your products or services can easily seek and find your competitors that happen to be better prepared to immediately provide their products or services.

Not properly tailoring a campaign

It’s essential to design and implement an email marketing campaign that meets a specific target audience. Many people believe that they will achieve greater results if they target a much larger audience than just concentrating on reaching a narrower and focused niche; this generates fewer leads than just targeting a specific niche.  Success in email marketing consists of tailoring an email message that will be well received by members of your target audience.

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