5 Steps to Lead Generation using Twitter: Social Lead Generation

Not too long ago, we discussed Social Lead Generation on the blog and our other social platforms. This week, we dig further into it and present to you 5 ways one can generate leads using Twitter. Trish Burtuzzi, in one of his posts on The Bridge Group’s blog shares these tricks.

1. Follow your prospects:

It is not always easy to find your prospects on Twitter as they may not be using their full names. Use the search function in twitter and/or google their name plus the word twitter. If you can’t find them then simply ask if they tweet the next time you chat.

2. Follow your partners:

Partners that work with the same target audience often share needs, questions, and/or look for help with existing projects via Twitter. The more these partners see and interact with you, the more likely they’ll remember you when their customers and prospects have a need you can fill.

3. Curate customer-centric content:

One of the quickest way to attract prospects to you via Twitter is to read everything they wish they had time to read, and filter the best content into your Twitter feed. It is okay to curate the best content from a variety of sources so that your prospects begin to trust that you’re, effectively, doing their reading for them.

4. Listen for buying signals

LinkedIn is one listening channel but Twitter is amazing for this as well. You should look at your prospect’s profile and see what they discuss the most about. This gives you three opportunities:– One) To see what they talk about in the discussion areas, Two) to participate in those conversations as a subject matter peer instead of a sales person and Three) to see who else is participating in those conversations. You might find a new prospect along the way!

5. Watch & use hashtags:

Hashtags, especially those tied to associations or events, are a great way to follow conversations and find prospects that already self-associate with a group, a cause, an interest or a need. Those real-time conversations that help your message reach new prospects directly is all that hastags are all about. It’s important though to add value using hashtags and not directly sell. Engage in the conversation naturally and you’ll see new prospects drawn in soon.