7 ways the ‘Sales Lead Qualification Process’ helps you generate revenue

Time and money being highly limited resources, carefully making use of each for sales lead generation and a follow up on prospective clients is the key to building a profitable business. And regardless of whether you have a small or large business, this rule applies almost all the time.

Whether you’re a solo-entrepreneur/consultant or have a staff to help you generate revenue, the question is ‘how can make the most of each and every sales lead that comes your way?’. Developing a simple process — a “sales lead qualification process” is the answer to it.

A sales lead qualification process helps you systematically evaluate every new client business opportunity, and prioritize how you handle each one. Following are the 7 ways this process will help you in:

  1. Identifying the potential clients that are the best fit for your service
  2. Saving time and money in following-up with prospects
  3. Understanding what you know, don’t know, and need to know about the client
  4. Determining who the key players (influencers and decision makers) are in the market
  5. Understanding where the prospect stands in the buying process
  6. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your service
  7. Tracking and measuring

All the above points help you generate qualified leads and inturn the conversion results in your company increasing revenue.

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