WHY do we do,
what we do?

The Nexsales founding team began with a simple vision in 2008 – to help businesses achieve rapid revenue growth while maximizing ROI on marketing and sales spends by the company.

Well into the second decade of our journey, the team has stayed true to its’ founding vision, having helped hundreds of B2B businesses achieve strong revenue growth through demand generation solutions that work.

We are inspired with the added impetus of many like-minded professionals, partners and clients who have joined hands with Nexsales in this exciting and fulfilling journey!


HOW do we do,
what we do?

We believe in the transformative power of technology, big data, rigorous processes and teamwork. So we created a team rocket (err data) scientists and data rock stars – who team together with sales and marketing professionals – to solve real world problems related to the modern tech stack.

WHAT we do, and WHO does it?

The Nexsales team is drawn from multiple competencies, but with a singular focus - helping sales and marketing teams succeed!

Jay Kamdar, our CEO, – is a silicon valley veteran with successful stints at National Semi, Sun Microsystems, Mosys, Nazomi and MagSil under his belt. Milap Shah, our Founder, has a decade’s experience in management consulting with Accenture and GeP. Together, they’re responsible for crafting the team’s vision in close consultation with strategic clients and partners, and spelling out the product and services roadmap.

Shantanu Ray is Nexsales’ Director of Innovation spearheads software engineering and AI at Nexsales, and leads a high-calibre team of architects, dev ops and software engineers in delivering high value technology products to our clients.

Tamanna Sachdev, in her role of Director of Operations at Nexsales, leads a team of 100+ data professionals. She’s supported by a team of highly experienced research experts in the fields of data architecture, web & social media research, phone surveyors, process excellence and quality assurance.

Rohit Bhat is Director of VoiceReach & Lead Generation, and has been with Nexsales since inception. Rohit heads up a team of consummate outbound SDRs to deliver high quality leads and conversations to clients of every stripe.

John Norton is Director of Inside Sales, is responsible for the success of lead generation campaigns. Karthik Kumar is Sr. Manager of Customer Success and part of Nexsales’ founding team. John and Karthik work with a team of seasoned professionals to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction across Nexsales’ client base.