AI Engine

RightLeads’ AI Engine uses a recommendation engine to identify and activate promising leads in line with buyer cues, and offers customizable Revenue Intel Dashboards for data-driven decision making.

Recommendation Engine

  The RightLeads AI Recommendation Engine pinpoints leads that are ready for activation.

  Through machine learning and closed-loop feedback systems, our recommendation engine crunches attributes like first party and third-party buyer data, lead profile, interaction timing, cadence and buyer signals to identify promising leads for successful conversion, giving businesses the best chance to grow and succeed. A continuous feedback loop assisted by data unification and data scientists, helps improve the accuracy of the recommendation engine.

Revenue Intel Dashboard

  Our Revenue Intel Dashboards, offer insights to track and identify improvement areas.

  Customizable with a range of widgets and charts, our dashboards provide real-time, actionable insights on sales sequences, and customer success metrics, helping businesses make data-driven decisions to increase conversions and revenue growth.

RightLeads has successfully generated over
102,000 Activated Leads. Curious to know how?