Allocation of B2B Marketing Budgets: Marketing Sherpa Report

B2B Marketing budget allocations determine your marketing priorities and offer a challenge to use tactics that will provide maximum ROI in your limited budget. Jen Doyle, Senior Research Manager at Marketing Sherpa, surveyed more than 900 hundred marketers to study their responses and priorities towards managing their B2B firms.

According to Doyle,”Website design requires the specialized skill set of an experienced Web designer and optimization expert. Such services can be costly to an organization. Since this was also rated as the most effective tactic overall, it is apparent that organizations and prepared to invest in it.

A number of significant expenses are required when participating in trade shows, including travel, booth rental, marketing to drive booth traffic, etc., making this tactic a likely candidate to utilize a good portion of the marketing budgets of participating organizations.

Email marketing is commonly viewed as a cost effective marketing channel, however that should not imply that significant investments in this tactic are uncommon. Expenses in email marketing include list rental, email deployment programs, email deliverability services and list building initiatives, to name a few.”

Doyle further encourages us marketers to take a few minutes to evaluate your current situation. The report below speaks of industry averages for the most effective B2B marketing tactics, and the average allocation of B2B marketing budgets. While allowing comparison, it lets us evaluate the revenue performances of all of our marketing channels, leaving space for improvement.

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