Customer Cloning & TAM Build-out


Atlas Systems had focused most of its targeting efforts on Financial Services and Life Sciences. While they highlighted the need to build high-accuracy contact lists for the 2 identified industries, they hit a wall when it came to identifying other industries to broaden their target market.


Total Addressable Market

Clone Your Customer

Revenue Intel Dashboards

Nexsales swiftly identified the TAM from Atlas Systems' existing CRM, executing a seamless data unification process to deliver unmatched accuracy levels. Leveraging their proprietary 'Clone your Customers' process, Nexsales then crafted an industry prioritization matrix and TAM/SAM/SOM analysis to provide Atlas Systems with a definitive roadmap for market expansion. There was close monitoring of the outreach process to measure relative conversion and penetration into each of the SOM segments.


45k Net new accounts identified
>95% High Data Accuracy
23,00+ Sequence responses analyzed to identify high-conversion segments
500% increased performance from a pipeline generation perspective in a 6-month period.


Atlas Systems is an IT services company that manages IT infrastructure and provides technology solutions for Fortune 1000 and mid-sized clients. They focus on providing technology solutions, third-party risk management (TPRM), and managing the IT infrastructure by leveraging AI and ML for improved IT efficiency and are trusted by global industry leaders.

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