Unlocking Revenue: Data-Driven Strategies for Targeted LeadGen


Atlas Systems is a leading IT consulting firm that helps organizations unlock their full potential. Its innovative solutions provide a competitive advantage in innovation, dependability, and speed to market, allowing businesses of all sizes to optimize their workflows. Founded in 2003, Atlas Systems manages IT infrastructure support for global Fortune 1000 companies. Its ComplyScore and PRIME products help organizations with governance, risk, compliance, and provider data compliance.


Nexsales' team of data analysts utilized a scientific approach to determine the Total Addressable Market (TAM) and further identify high-potential accounts with firmographic relevance to Atlas Systems' existing prominent customers, leveraging their proprietary 'Clone your Customers' process. Additionally, the Human Data Assistants thoroughly researched each of the selected target accounts to pinpoint decision-makers, economic buyers, and influencers aligned with the new Ideal Customer Persona (ICP). The activated lead data was then integrated into a high-touch outreach campaign. Through their omnichannel efforts, Nexsales generated over 160 Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), contributing to a spike in new business revenue. Moving forward, the Nexsales Revenue Intel Dashboard enabled tracking of market penetration in relation to RevOps performance.

Total Addressable Market

Clone Your Customer



Atlas Systems had focused most of its targeting efforts on Financial Services and Life Sciences. While they highlighted the need to build high-accuracy contact lists for the 2 identified industries, they hit a wall when it came to identifying other industries to broaden their target market.


45k Net new accounts identified
175kICP-aligned contacts built
160+ Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) generated
$5.23M sales pipeline created
3oppurtunities succesfully closed
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