build data set

Access 20MM+ Leads

Sizing your market correctly requires slicing and dicing, along with the strategist’s mindset.Our rich RightLeads™ dataset can be a great starting point as you discover the boundaries of your TAM and ascertain the kinds of personas you wish to engage with.

Define Ideal Accounts

A key facet of the Account Based Marketing approach is to be strategic in defining your ideal accounts – in an unconstrained manner.RightLeads facilitates an unconstrained approach leveraging insights from 10,000+ successful campaigns, to help you arrive at your wish-list, and eventually deliver it.

Size Your TAM

TAM sizing is a tricky business – your specs are often nuanced to your business model, and the stakes (In terms of management, investors, budget planning) are usually high.Get a good fix on your TAM by accessing our data science and data scientists – we’ll help you build an accurate roadmap.

​Build Account Datasets​

Converting your TAM strategy into an actionable Account Dataset is a key aspect of successful pipeline generation.RightLeads leaves nothing to chance, and combines multiple data sources with a phalanx of curated partner relationships to deliver a high quality dataset.


Getting the Ideal Customer Persona right completes the ABM strategy, and gives you the fruits of your hard work.Dive deep and unearth those pearls by combining an intelligent lead dataset and experienced research teams who leave no stone unturned to maximize account potential.

Customize Research

When you’re exploring off the beaten track, you need to challenge business assumptions and validate alternate hypothesis.Engage our research specialists to expand your horizons – whether it’s testing a new market segment, or expanding into international waters.