See How RightLeads unlocked $16M Pipeline in 9 months at Vonage

“The RightLeads Activated Lead Data Platform helps us consistently grow our TAM while fully integrating lead sources across Salesforce, Outreach, Bombora, and our entire tech stack.”

Andrew Frey, Vonage

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Customer Cloning & TAM Build-out​

RightLeads assisted Atlas Systems in discovering its total addressable market (TAM)/ serviceable available market (SAM)/ serviceable obtainable market (SOM) and developed an industry prioritization strategy using their exclusive 'Clone your Customers' method.

Revolutionizing lead generation with AI-powered ​GTM data

Rightleads' AI-based prioritization helped Symantec identify Go-to-Market ready leads that matched their ideal target persona. Symantec utilized RightLeads' AI-powered heat indexing, resulting in a fourfold increase in lead-to-opportunity conversion.

Increasing Sales Rep Productivity ​

Rightleads' solution helped Intuit to address lead data discrepancies and enhance its re-engagement efforts. Utilizing its AI-powered lead prioritization process, Rightleads identified potential buyers and increased the productivity of Intuit's sales representatives.

Overcoming Limitations of a Subscription Database​

Cyberinc leveraged RightLeads to overcome limitations with their lead data subscription and identified high-quality leads to match the Ideal Customer Profile. The RightLeads AI Engine then analyzed Cyberincs’ target market for high-priority leads that converted better.

AI-driven Revenue Intel Dashboards

RightLeads utilized their platform to evaluate Total Addressable Market (TAM) and Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) for Komprise's Ideal Customer Persona (ICP).Additionally, RightLeads developed an AI-powered revenue dashboard integrated with Salesforce to track and forecast revenue performance with greater accuracy.

AI-Driven Optimization of Outreach Sequences ​

Vonage deployed RightLeads' AI engine to optimize outreach sequences based on past success and create high-converting sequences. The Revenue Intel Dashboards tracked real-time progress, gained visibility of outreach sequences, and improved conversions and performance.

Unlocking Revenue: Data-Driven Strategies for Targeted LeadGen ​

By identifying & analyzing highly-potential accounts, Nexsales generated over 160 SQLs through omnichannel outreach. Revenue Intel Dashboards tracked market penetration and RevOps performance.

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