Data Progression Journey

Activated Lead Data lifts pipeline – regardless of where you are on the data maturity progression.


  Determining your TAM and SAM accurately is vital for executive confidence and revenue forecasting.

  RightLeads utilizes multiple sources, bottom-up research, and regression testing to gauge your market size and identify gaps for informed budgeting. Plus, RightLeads efficiently identifies your SAM with account-level data and net new account requirements, enabling you to create targeted messaging and realistic revenue plans. Get a comprehensive view of your TAM and SAM with RightLeads and make data-driven decisions to drive business growth.


  Having clean data is crucial for any business. In fact, Gartner estimates that bad data costs companies an average of $13 million each year.

  RightLeads’ data cleansing services utilize fuzzy algorithms to de-duplicate and merge processes to eliminate redundancies, standardize account data and provide normalized records. We also enrich contact data, classify decision-makers, influencers, and sponsors, and expunge outdated CRM data. The result is a comprehensive and reliable database to help you make data-driven decisions, save time and resources, and improve overall productivity.


  Gartner reports that the main challenge facing 67% marketers investing in intent data, is making the data actionable.

  Fortunately, RightLeads provides signals-driven intent data that overcomes common issues like false positives, disconnected account intent signals, and insufficient knowledge. With RightLeads, you access details like technographics, regulatory needs, and executive churn. Our Data Science team also helps create ideal customer models to accelerate your sales velocity. Get ahead of the curve with RightLeads and make the most out of your intent data investment.


Lift pipeline generation 3X for RevOps with:

  100% streaming intent feeds converted into campaign workflows in real-time

  ~400 net new intent-scored accounts

  >700 “gold” contacts mined from named accounts

  10-12 pre-configured sequences generated from the highest converting campaigns across the BDR pool

  5 tactical lists from event/ field marketing: de-duped, cleansed and loaded

  GoToMarket intel appended for all leads

  Complete alignment between ICP and CRM leads

  4 custom-configured dashboards for actionable insights and management reporting

RightLeads has successfully generated over
102,000 Activated Leads. Curious to know how?