Data Unification

Harness the full potential of your data by creating a unified and continuously updated instance of truth. RightLeads integrates lead intelligence across your data subscriptions, tech stack and purpose-built leads to create an up-to-date TAM dataset. Lead records are identified, matched, de-duplicated, refreshed and consolidated to maximize conversion.

Data Subscriptions

  Businesses use multiple data platforms to collect customer data, resulting in data silos and inconsistencies.

  RightLeads helps address these problems by bringing together data from different subscriptions and platforms into a centralized platform, enabling sales teams to gain a comprehensive view of customer information. This unified view of data can help inside sales teams identify trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement, leading to better customer experiences and increased revenue growth.

Tech Stack Integration

  The modern CRM/ Marketing tech stack is a potential treasure trove of prospect intelligence. And yet, Gartner reports that 58% of organizations sub-optimally use their expensive tech stack elements.

  RightLeads integrates data from CRMs, Marketing Automation Platforms, sales engagement platforms, intent tools etc. and creates a unified view of buyerinformation.

Data Warehouse & Purpose-Built Leads

  Maximizing pipe gen for your business involves being selective about target accounts and identifying all key buyer personas within them. Off-the-shelf data subscriptions are helpful, but can’t get you all the way to ICP-aligned GTM data.

  The RightLeads dataset of 35 MM+ records is honed by a team of expert human researchers - adding purpose-built leads which keeps your sales reps focused on high converting inbound and outbound campaigns.

Total Addressable Market

 An updated TAM is like a north star – guiding every aspect of RevOps activity.

  By consistently updating your TAM to reflect market realities, competitive outcomes and strategic directions, RightLeads ensures you stay true to the mission at all times.

RightLeads has successfully generated over
102,000 Activated Leads. Curious to know how?