Email Marketing vs Social Media Marketing: Weighing B2B Priorities

Email Marketing and Social Media seem to have been debated upon for which one proves as a better platform to driving sales and marketing. Both of them have different approaches to B2B and B2C businesses and speaking of B2B, experts argue that Email Marketing wins over Social Media largely.

Social media, while still maintaining a somewhat broad presence, in that your “status” is always visible publicly to anyone, also allows you to reach out to specific individuals. There’s a sense of personal connection and a two-way dialogue. If you have a big company, you may even begin to see trends of a social media culture among your employees. This creates a new marketplace for your people. Social media also allows friends, followers and/or subscriber’s access to content that’s specific to them and can create an interactive environment if the proper tools are used.

Yet friends, followers or clicks alone do not induce sales, do they? With Social Media repeatedly specifying that ‘selling’ on it is taboo, Social insight, trends, feedback, opinion seeking is all the good it can offer. Try starting your sales spiel on social platforms and you won’t take much time to be blacklisted.

As B2B Marketers, Email Marketing gives you the ability to send a single message to a large group of people quickly and efficiently. This can be current clients, lost clients, harvested emails or even prospects acquired utilizing SIC codes for a particular campaign. This is great for generating name recognition via newsletters or specific advertising campaigns appealing to a certain target or niche group.

The problem with email marketing is that you’re playing a numbers game in terms of bounce rates, spam, ignored/ deleted etc.

Marketers are absolutely right regarding the fact that Email Marketing is ‘less immediate’ and a very different form of communication. But Email Marketing applies more specifically because; if not for social media, what approaches are taken if one’s target audience does not have a prominent social media presence? Especially in a B2B situation, many ‘prospects’ (actual purchasers or decision makers) in the market use facebook for personal reasons and, although they may have a Linkedin profile, their actual usage and participation is uncertain.

Both Social Media and Email Marketing have the definite ability, if utilized correctly, to help direct traffic directly to your website and help you drive sales; especially important if your website is utilized for sales or information gathering.

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