First Aid Guide for Your Ailing Email Marketing Plan

Get a database. Create a list based on certain criteria. Draft an email message with content from your brochure and send. If it works, send another batch of email. If it doesn’t work, send another batch of emails…

Is that how your email marketing has worked so far? Then let’s start with some quick first aid. Preserve life, Prevent Further Injury and Promote Recovery- the three P’s of basic treatment in First Aid are adapted below for your Email Marketing Plan:

  1. Preserve life  of list building- Finalize the detailed criteria for list building. Do not choose the filters based on what a team of people think would work. Instead, base your choice on analytics and objective data.  Periodically review the criteria based on which you are sorting the list. Be sure that learning from your past attempts has been incorporated in the new batch. Maintain documented records of the entire process so that it can be standardized for repeat use.
  2. Prevent further injury in execution- Don’t ever send mass mails without sending it to a test audience first. Follow-up with your test audience. Study results and only then proceed with another email blast. Considering that only a handful will reply, if you plan to send the email to thousands of people, please stop now. You will only be investing more resources in a less productive exercise.
  3. Promote recovery with preparation for success- One of the most important steps to expedite recovery is to be prepared for success. When you run a targeted email marketing campaign, you no longer can expect the same results as before. Even if you are sending fewer number of emails, you will still be hitting the nail on it’s head. This calls for your team to be more sales-ready. Success strikes only when opportunity is greeted by preparation. Don’t miss a chance only because you were used to the slow success of your old email marketing plan.

And finally you must consider that irrespective of your business shape or size, you must use all resources to build your mailing list. Actively use search engines. Visit social networks and top blogs from your industry. Go to niche forums and also join the chatter on Twitter. Find out other places where the crucial stakeholders of your email marketing plan are. Depending on the scope of your project, you could hire the services of a professional company specializing in List Building. Remember that you still need to go through a thorough check-up, even if you are back on your feet after first aid. A sustained follow-up and periodic check-ups are the best way to ensure a healthy email marketing plan.

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