Human Intelligence

Maximize sales reps' productivity with Human Intelligence – let RightLeads handle tasks like list preparation, data orchestration, reporting, and lead modelling.

Human Data Assistant

  Human Data Assistants revolutionize the productivity of BDR Teams.

  Our expert remote data specialists deliver high-quality leads, streamline sequencing and prioritization, apply powerful conversion insights, orchestrate event lists, and provide an array of real-time services for your sales reps.

MarTech Specialist

  MarTech Specialists bridge the gaps between your tech stack, data subscriptions, and sales sequences.

  With their expertise in API interfaces, native reporting, data import/ export structures, event triggers, etc. across RevOps platforms, we successfully unlock the hidden potential of your investments in technology and data.

Data Analyst

  Data Analysts provide runtime decision support to keep accelerating the sales funnel.

  Our analysts parse multiple variables and build actionable dashboards to keep you focused on the sequences, messages and leads that are converting well. They are quick to spot trends and apply them across the BDR/ AE team for maximum impact.

Data Scientist

  Data Scientists process reams of lead data and help create predictable pipeline.

  They hash together first-party data like conversion metrics, buyer interactions and customer data with third-party data like firmographic, technographic, intent and GTM. Data science continually activates and improves our lead recommendation engine.

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