Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing- Tips to help you make the most of your efforts

If a certain Mr Smith is busy searching for a solution, you generate interest but fail to follow up. How long before you’ve blown your window? He might be real excited right now, but how long does it take for the lustre to wear off and your lead to go elsewhere and begin to lose value? In brief, have you ever considered the shelf life of your lead?

‘As Soon As Possible’ should ideally be your watch word. But ASAP is definitely not the answer if it means that the mismatch between sales process and buying process timing has resulted in a funnel leakage and some delay.

You don’t want your telesales representatives to cold call and start with, ‘Oh yes, Hello Mr Smith, I’m calling about the survey you filled in recently….” where the recently turns out to mean 2002, if at all.

Here is the check list you want to consider before you cast your lead off and beyond repair:

1. Stay engaged and keep your lead engaged for if not now, there’s always a tomorrow:

Assuming your initial follow-up is quick enough to make your prospects feel important, I think as long as you engage your lead throughout their buying process there isn’t necessarily an expiration date going forward- unless the lead is not ready to buy just yet.

2. Nurture and qualify your leads:

Lead nurturing and qualification process with speed and thoroughness is inarguably essential. Customers sense the rest of the iceberg by the experience they encounter early on in engagement.

3. Keep your leads interested, step in their shoes:

When a prospect takes the time to reach out proactively (i.e. filling out a contact form), they are likely to appreciate rapid follow up. If you’re that prospect and someone gets in touch with you quickly, say within 30 minutes, you’re likely to feel important and think highly of the company that got back to you quickly.

4. Follow up before your lead loses interest in you:

If it’s been a week since you filled out the contact form and you’re just now hearing from someone, you probably are feeling a little ignored and wouldn’t be as interested in the company as you would otherwise. Don’t make your lead go through it.

5. Be aware that sometimes it’s out of your control:

After gauging their interest level it’s important to stay in the game throughout the sales cycle. And yet, prospect’s timing isn’t something you can alter – if it’s not right yet, educate. The key is to stay engaged with your leads so that when their timing is right, they’ll already have good rapport with your company and be more inclined to buy from you versus another vendor.

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