LinkedIn Dominating The Top 3 Tweets This Week

Welcome to the weekly round-up of  the most popular tweets by @nexsales.

11 Ways to Use LinkedIn’s New Company Follow Feature #socialmedia #linkedin

This post from Kyle Lacy blog was the most popular tweet this week @nexsales. Published barely days after the new “Company Follow” feature was introduced by LinkedIn, it provides a clear outline on the benefits for companies and jobseekers.

LinkedIn competitor #Viadeo hits 30 million members #networking #socialmedia

This one got me in quite a few interesting conversations with people who hadn’t heard of Viadeo before.  This European competitor of LinkedIn who grew from 8.5 million users in July’09 to 30 million as of today is being considered competition only now. Definitely worth a check.

Is your sales team facing Information Overload? Let us help you decode the Basics of High Quality Lead Generation-

This one is from our very own B2B Leadzine. The idea for this blog came about while discussing the common challenges faced by companies managing lead generation in-house and how we could share some of the expertise from Nex-sales to ease their challenges.

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