Unify Across Silos

With a few clicks, unify leads across organizational lead sources and silos.
360-degree visibility across the sales/ marketing tech stack, SDR lists, event spread sheets.

Dedupe Leads

Duplicate leads spawn quickly, suck up valuable bandwidth, and multiply licensing and compliance costs.Simplify de-duplication by deploying powerful rules-based algorithms aided by human research where necessary.

Lead Routing

Your sales and marketing teams have to deal with dynamic and complex rules of engagement.Analyze, prioritize and assign leads based on varying firmographic, technographic and conversion metrics. Match leads with the right reps and the right message, at the right time.

Standardize Account Data

Account-level data accuracy is tough – master data teams have to deal with realities like account name aliases, divergent domains and fickle account sizing data.Fill in the missing blanks consistently and make success a learned habit in your demand generation campaigns.

Setup Data Feeds

Modern B2B marketing uses diverse data vendors for use cases like contact acquisition, intent data, technographic info and so on.Quickly integrate and normalize multiple subscription and track lead conversion across lead sources.