2024 State of B2B RevOps Benchmark Report

Strategizing Growth in a Dynamic Landscape

Discover the pivotal strategies and trends in B2B RevOps. Informed by a rigorous survey taken by sales and marketing leaders across the US, the State of B2B RevOps Benchmark Report provides a comprehensive view of the key drivers in demand generation, inbound and outbound marketing, and sales development. With unique insights and analysis, this report serves as your guide to navigating the dynamic B2B landscape in 2024.

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Highlights of the survey

Outbound Demand Gen Deemed Crucial for Pipeline Development

The verdict is in for 2024's pipeline development strategies: a commanding 70% of businesses regard Outbound Demand Gen approach as very important. This sentiment runs across various company sizes, with particularly high regard in the $10M-$500M revenue range.

Strategic ABM Adoption Drives Pipeline Priorities in 2024

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is championed by a majority, with 55% of companies considering it very important to their pipeline development. The approach is especially favored in larger organizations, where those in the $150M-$500M and $500M+ revenue brackets are placing significant emphasis on ABM strategies.

RevOps Leaders Optimistic in Outsourcing for Predictable Pipeline

An impressive 69% of organizations display an optimistic evaluation when it comes to enhancing their RevOps with a reliable outsourced demand gen partner. This signals a positive outlook on the impact of strategic collaborations for predictable pipeline generation. While smaller enterprises exhibit the highest confidence at 71%, larger organizations also show substantial trust in outsourcing.

Discovery Calls Lead the Way in Sales Development Excellence

Organizations are excelling in pipeline generation, with 34% highlighting discovery calls conversion as their strongest suit in sales development. While sales appointment generation, content strategy engagement and martech cadence deployment are also recognized for their significant contributions.