2023 State of B2B RevOps Benchmark Report

Strategizing Growth in a Dynamic Landscape

Discover the pivotal strategies and trends in B2B RevOps. Informed by a rigorous survey taken by sales and marketing leaders across the US, the State of B2B RevOps Benchmark Report provides a comprehensive view of the key drivers in demand generation, inbound and outbound marketing, and sales development. With unique insights and analysis, this report serves as your guide to navigating the dynamic B2B landscape in 2023.

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Highlights of the survey

2023 Expecting Stricter Rein on Marketing Budgets

For 2023, the majority of marketers foresee a year of budgetary constraints. Despite this, they are finding ways to thrive and maximize impact with limited annual marketing budgets.

Outbound Demand Generation as the Heartbeat of Pipeline Development

Outbound Demand Generation has emerged as the primary driver in the pipeline development strategy for 2023. A significant 78% of respondents favor this approach, especially among high-revenue entities, highlighting its effectiveness and central role in achieving growth objectives.

Future of Sales Team Headcount

Despite the potential economic slowdown, multiple companies anticipate no change in the headcount for Inside Sales, SDRs, or AEs. The sentiment is shared across all revenue brackets, although larger companies (>500M) display a higher tendency towards reduction.