Social Media Evolution: Fast paced paradigm shift of businesses towards ‘Social Networking Sites’

They say social media is a very mobile marketing technique. It sure is and for obvious reasons. But another thing that comes to our mind when the words ‘Social Media + Mobile’ are used to together is the fast paced growth of it. Browsing through the internet, we came across two situations that are recent and yet prove how ‘not-so-long-ago’ social media wasn’t how businesses perceived it to be.

A few weeks ago:

A few weeks back, Chris Nerney of IT World spoke about a survey report about Facebook and Twitter hurting work productivity was carried out by According to the survey, “nearly 60% of work interruptions now involve either using tools like email, social networks, text messaging and IM, or switching windows among disparate standalone tools and applications. In fact, 45% of employees work only 15 minutes or less without getting interrupted, and 53% waste at least one hour a day due to all types of distractions.”

And now:

Chad Brooks, a contributor to Business News Daily wrote about businesses encouraging their employees to join and contribute to social media and participate in the conversations. This, according to a survey by Regus, as mentioned in Brooks’ post claims:

  • 50 percent of U.S. businesses use websites such as Twitter to engage, connect with and inform existing customers
  • 38 percent of U.S. companies dedicate up to 20 percent of their marketing budget to business social networking activity

The global Regus survey findings are based on the responses of more than 17,000 managers and business owners across 80 countries.  The research shows that 69 percent of U.S. businesses and 74 percent of businesses abroad agree that social media use is playing a bigger role in their marketing strategies.

Social Media takes over with a perfect balance of ‘growth’ and ‘development’:

Despite the notable rise in social media activity, businesses aren’t quickly abandoning their traditional marketing tactics to focus on the new medium. One cannot deny the importance of social presence for it has more benefits than drawbacks, barring some employees who failed direct their efforts productively.

Yaacov Cohen, chief executive of, putting this all in perspective says, “This survey paints a picture of a highly distracted workplace with a particular irony: information technology that was designed at least in part to save time is actually doing precisely the opposite. The very tools we rely on to do our jobs are also interfering with that mission. We’re clearly seeing what psychologists call ‘online compulsive disorder’ spill over from our personal lives to the work environment.”

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