Social Media Update: Google Analytics Releases its Real Time Dashboard as Enterprise Tier and what it means for your Website

To be at par with the fast moving world of the Web, Google Analytics unveils the Google Analytics Real-Time, which will give you a real time up-to-the minute update on whatever is happening on your website and more.

The new metamorphosis of Google Analytics will be in the form of a set of new reports as against other players in the domain such as Chart-beat, which analyses how people are on your site and how much traction each article is generating. Prior to this upgrade, Google Analytics was reported, relatively slower with no real time tracking, by its users.

John Jersin from the Google Analytics Team confirmed, “We just turned the reports on for a number of you, and over the coming weeks, everyone will have access to Real-Time. If you can’t wait, sign up for early access here.” So if you really want to see what this upgrade can do for you, your business and your website, you know where to look.

This new Analytics promises to track the all-pervading impact of myriad social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and you can surf through the custom analytics query and its effects. All you will need to do is activate the ‘New Version’ in the Analytics. Along with this the add-on, Analytics team has emphasised on the premium tier for enterprises thus giving them more insight, data-points and better support as compared to the free service from Google. Support also ensures a high-end phone support, SLA guarantees and of course extended data limits.

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