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Symantec's lead dataset was primarily made up of generic IT decision-makers and influencers, which did not align with their Ideal Customer Persona (ICP). This mismatch resulted in the marketing team spending significant time and effort to identify the target personas responsible for Enterprise Firewall and Endpoint Security. Ultimately, the absence of Go-to-Market ready leads adversely impacted the performance of their marketing campaigns.


AI Prioritized Leads

RightLeads is Go To Market ready

Data Unification

With RightLeads’ AI-based prioritization, Symantec was able to identify InfoSec decision-makers and influencers within named accounts that aligned with their ideal target persona. The leads were further enriched with detailed contact data and account information, which paved the way for more accurate marketing initiatives. With this information, Symantec's marketing team was empowered with a clearer picture of prospects, allowing them to segment and customize their messaging better than ever before.


4X increase in lead-to-opportunity conversion with the help of RightLeads’ AI-powered heat indexing
RightLeads’ recommendation engine helped design the messaging strategy for different lead types
Enhanced firmographic information accelerated re-engagement campaigns
Expanded the Total Addressable Market size 3X times within 2 months


Symantec provides a wide range of cybersecurity solutions for businesses, governments, and individuals. These solutions include antivirus software, endpoint protection, email security, web security, network security, and cloud security. They also offer threat intelligence and response services, helping organizations detect and respond to cyber-attacks.

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