Top 8 reasons why people Unfollow or Unlike a brand’s page: Social Media Marketing

When people don’t subscribe to your brand, it seems as though you don’t make enough conversations, But when these consumers click ‘unfollow’ or ‘Unlike’ on brand oages, it’s a call for concern and requires revaluating your campaign content or execution. We have noticed a fan/subscriber ‘Unliking’ or ‘Unfollowing’ a brand usually because of one of the following reasons:

  1. Being bombarded with too many messages
  2. ‘Spammed’ instead of being ‘Marketed’
  3. Turning irrelevant and against his likes
  4. Engaging content is against his strongest beliefs
  5. Poking fun at sensitive issues that might not be related to a fan but is related to someone who is a follower/friend of him and being a plain embarrassment to him just because he clicked the ‘Like’ button
  6. Cheesy/Boring/Flaunting/Repetitive content
  7. Looked fancy in the Facebook Ad but later activity was ‘shitty’
  8. Products/Services of the brand start being unattractive and might have even enraged the fan/follower

Besides there are plenty other reasons from a business perspective that might have repelled the customer/fan which could have made him ‘dislike’ the brand and hence ‘Unlike’ it!