Expanding TAM with Activated Lead Data


  • Vonage was facing difficulty in identifying TAM/SAM/SOM within their Salesforce.com environment
  • Monitoring penetration of previously assessed TAM
  • Identify the most effective sequences within Outreach, and optimize conversion rates
  • Re-engaging with old opportunities that were previously closed/lost by recalibrating the TAM
  • Activating timely post-event follow-up campaigns, while intent prevails

    Total Addressable Market

    Data Subscription

    Human Data Assistant

    Leveraging the RightLeads Activated Data Platform As a comprehensive solution, Nexsales chose the top-down method and approached challenges across 4 major phases.

    TAM Identification through Data Unification

    Leveraging the RightLeads Activated Data Platform As a comprehensive solution, Nexsales chose the top-down method and approached challenges across 4 major phases.

    Tech Stack Integration

    RightLeads is Go To Market ready

    Data Orchestration by MarTech Specialists

    Recognizing the significant impact of lead allocation on BDR productivity, RightLeads’ MarTech specialists tested the 2020 TAM by uploading 11,000 accounts, along with 100,000 contacts, to Salesforce. Utilizing specialized Account-Based Marketing tools such as Engagio, RightLeads’ MarTech specialists were able to allocate GTM ready high-intent accounts to BDRs located in various POD zones throughout North America. This solution enabled BDRs to efficiently target high-quality leads and optimize their productivity.

    Data Analyst

    Revenue Intel Dashboards

    AI Prioritized Leads

    Leveraging AI to Optimise Pipeline Growth

    RightLeads leveraged its AI recommendation engine to analyze over 150 outreach sequences for Vonage, identifying the unique sequence structure and top-performing sequences. The AI model used machine learning algorithms to analyze data and identify patterns that indicate which outreach sequences were most effective. The AI-powered recommendation engine provided Vonage with valuable insights, enabling them to optimize their sales processes and drive pipeline growth. Nexsales also tracked and monitored the sequences through its Rev Intel dashboard to make data-driven changes and adjustments, which further improved the results.

    Martech Specialist

    Data Scientist

    The MarTech Specialist plugs in the gaps

    Having identified the TAM effectiveness and the high-performing Outreach sequences. To add another layer of enrichment, Nexsales’ MarTech Specialists analyzed old opportunities. Leveraging intent scoring tools, like 6Sense, machine learning and closed-loop feedback systems, Nexsales built datasets of high-intent accounts. After a final round of appending and data enrichment, the Vonage ICP-based contacts were built to help re-engage closed-lost accounts


    11k Net new accounts identified
    100k Contacts build
    3x Increase in Activated Go-To-Market Data
    70% increase in TAM Leads
    4X increase in response rate of best-performing sequence
    24-Hr TAT for data enrichment
    95% precision and end-to-end visibility of sequences through the sales funnel.


    “When campaign needs are immediate, we rely on Rightleads to build lists in rapid time for our BDRs.”

    Andrew Frey Senior Director, Business Development


    Vonage is a global cloud communications company that offers voice, video, messaging, and chat APIs, as well as virtual phone numbers and collaboration tools for businesses. Its cloud-based platform enables customers to communicate using any device or channel. Recognized for innovation and offering 24/7 support and flexible pricing plans, Vonage serves a diverse range of industries.

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