AI-Driven Optimization of Outreach Sequences


Vonage came to a significant realization regarding the optimization of their outreach sequences. They acknowledged that there was an urgent need to streamline the outreach process, as it would ultimately result in better time management for their Business Development Representatives (BDRs). Vonage recognized the criticality of devising an effective strategy to optimize their outreach sequences, which would not only enhance their BDRs' productivity but also drive better results for the organization as a whole.


AI Prioritized Leads

Revenue Intel Dashboards

Data Scientist

RightLeads’ AI engine analyzed outreach sequences and identified the most effective ones, while utilizing closed-loop feedback systems to optimize sequences based on past effectiveness, and creating high-performance sequences for future campaigns. With RightLeads' Revenue Intel Dashboards, Vonage was able to capture real-time insights and track progress, allowing the campaign manager to have an end-to-end visibility of the outreach sequences. This enabled them to determine the best performing outreach sequences and improve conversions.


4X increase in response rate of best-performing sequence
40% incremental pipeline generation
End-to-end visibility of sequences through the sales funnel.


“When campaign needs are immediate, we rely on Rightleads to build lists in rapid time for our BDRs.”

Andrew Frey Senior Director, Business Development


Vonage is a global cloud communications company that offers voice, video, messaging, and chat APIs, as well as virtual phone numbers and collaboration tools for businesses. Its cloud-based platform enables customers to communicate using any device or channel. Recognized for innovation and offering 24/7 support and flexible pricing plans, Vonage serves a diverse range of industries.

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